Städtepartnerschaft Leipzig Maputo e.V.



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§1 - Name and seat
1.1. The association bears the name
     "Städtepartnerschaft Leipzig - Maputo"
1.2. The short name of the association is "Leipzig-Maputo".
1.3. It leads the additive "e.V." in the name after registration in the register of associations.
1.4. Domicile is Leipzig.

§2 - Purpose of the association
2.1. Purpose of the association is to pursue the strengthening of Leipzig interests in the capital of Maputo in Mozambique and to ensure, by she informing the public at large about the importance of our Mozambican spheres of interest and our global political relations with Africa, especially Southern and Eastern Africa at all.
2.2. Within the meaning of its objectives the society provides outreach in various form and scientific disputations, publishes in particular fonts. In addition it initiatives in the field of culture, sport and education supported by help for self-help in the form of including forums, roundtables, talking circles, Exchange seminars etc.
2.3. The association is seeking in the sense of its principles and objectives cooperation with organizations, associations, institutions and associations aiming, medium-term, to establish the twinning of Leipzig to Maputo in Mozambique.
2.4. The association promotes a peaceful and tolerant relationship between German and Mozambican citizens. You, at national, regional and State level, committed to life problems by Africans in this country by including organization of forums, seminars or lectures.
2.5. The association supports projects of Mozambican and German citizens or facilities that are likely to contribute to the improvement of peaceful coexistence of different religions by including round tables, discussion topics, seminars etc..
2.6. The association is independent of political parties, organizations and State institutions, as well as of ideological and social beliefs.
2.7. The association is divided into different sections, which have turned the scientific and economic processing of certain areas to the task (the capital of Maputo, northern Mozambique, etc.)

§3 - Non-profit status
3.1. The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in the sense of the section "Tax-deductible purposes" of the tax code.
3.2. The association is selflessly. You not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.
3.3. Funds of the society may be used only for the statutory purposes. The members receive no benefits from the funds of the Association. No person may be by expenses, which are foreign to the society or favoured by disproportionately high remuneration.

§4 - Financial year
Financial year of the association is the calendar year.

§5 - Membership
5.1. Natural persons - are now able Member of the society of their nationality and their place of residence, who have completed the age of 12, as well as legal persons and companies.
5.2. The joining of the society must be declared in writing to the Board of Directors.
5.3. The association to confer awards to individuals who have rendered services to the sister cities relationship "Leipzig Maputo" is particularly.
5.4. The membership ends by a written resignation of the Member to the Board of directors or by death. It ends exclusion in gross or repeated breach of the statute or contrary to the interests of society or in other serious reasons affecting the association. The exclusion is done by decision of the Executive Committee. A member has the right to be heard by the Board of Directors to the Board of Directors on its exclusion.

§6 - Organs of society
The organs of the society are:

-the General Assembly
-the Management Board
-for certain tasks, working groups or project groups can be formed

§7 - The General Assembly
7.1. The ordinary General Assembly is an annual invitation notice of 4 weeks in writing to convene. The agenda adopted by the Board must be notified. Proposals to the Assembly must be communicated at least two weeks in writing the Board of Directors prior to the scheduled date.
7.2. The Board must immediately convene an extraordinary general meeting if this requires the interest of society, or at least 10% of the members request this in writing under notification of the reasons.
7.3. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association.
7.4. The General Assembly takes the reports of the Board, contrary to and shall decide by majority on the discharge of the Board and the Treasurer, elects the Executive Board, decides the amount of the membership fees. It decides the Statute, financial and subscription rules and approves the budget. You does cause decisions on amendments and the resolution of the Association. You decide on the principles of cooperation with other companies and associations.
7.5. The General Assembly takes place at least once a year.
7.6. Over the course of the meeting, a protocol is to make. This includes in particular time and place the Assembly, name of Assembly leader, list of present members and their voting rights and information about quorum, applications, decisions and choice with vote. The Protocol is be signed by the Chairman of the meeting and the Secretary designated by him.
7.7. The General Assembly is resolutionable without regard to the number of members present, if properly was the convening.

§8 - The Board
8.1. The Executive Board comprises the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Treasurer. The association can claim a Managing Director. The President and the Treasurer represent the association judicially and out of court each alone.
8.2. The Management Board is elected every four years by the General Assembly. The term of Office of the Board ends with the election of the new Board. A member of the Management Board retires during the term, the remaining Board members can co-opt a replacement member for the remainder of the term by a majority vote.
8.3. The Board advises and decides questions of activity of the association between the General meetings and is accountable to it on its activities.

§9 - finances
9.1. The association is financed from membership fees, donations and other grants.
9.2. The association is entitled to collect contributions from its members. The contribution rules set scale of contributions, as well as regulations on the contribution and height.
9.3. The funds of the society may be used only for the statutory purposes.
9.4. No person may by expenses, which are alien to the purpose of the association, or are favored by disproportionately high remuneration.
9.5. It an annual fee is set, which is due at the beginning of the year, at the latest by 1 April. The General Assembly shall decide on the height according to proposal of the Board

§10 - Dissolution of the society
10.1. The resolution of the society is carried out by decision of the general meeting by three-quarters majority. The General Assembly elects a liquidator to liquidate the association.
10.2. For the association or eliminating public purposes the association's assets to a legal person of public right or another tax-privileged Association for the purpose of use for the promotion of international understanding falls