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Chairman Axel Wladimiroff met on 30 August 2018 in Dresden Moritzburg with the Saxon minister of State for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (health minister) to discuss the work in the association.
As an example from the practice of the project "Women and girls in work and education", the trainee Daddies Patengo-Likombi, who explained to the minister her experience with training in the old nursing sector, accompanied him.
At the heart of the discussion was the relief for interested girls from fleeing countries as well as refugees to give a future with training in Leipzig and the region.

Left: Axel Wladimiroff, chairman of the Association
Center: Barbara Klepsch, Minister of Health of the state of Saxony
Right: Daddies Patengo-Likombi, trainee from the DR Congo

2018-01-18 Association successfully implements integration project
One of the numerous projects in the year 2017, which were carried out by our association, is the Refugee project

"Sport and Afro-dance",

Which is under the direction of the deputy. Chairman Esperance-Mukeshimana Albrecht from Leipzig stood. She understood it, many women and their children from Countries through sport, dance and common food preparation.

The event was very well received, often even in terms of capacity to its limits. Very well prepared in different premises of the city of Leipzig, equipped with high energy, diligence and good ideas, Esperance was able to captivate women and children. While the women practiced their dance steps individually or in the group, the children were professionally cared for in children's groups playfully and pedagogically. We were pleased to note that after only a few hours of practice there was not only enthusiasm among the participants, but that the project quickly became a success variant. More than 17 nations were standing in front of the dance mirrors and practicing their dances, performing gymnastic exercises and standing next to each other at the end of the event, it was necessary to prepare a typical meal. Communication problems did not occur in any way. The common language base was German, and the project manager, who immigrated from Rwanda to Germany even 10 years ago, placed great emphasis on this. German as a basis for rapid integration, the interpreter's concerns were also specialised, particularly in the language of Arab origin, which accompanied women and children, from reception to the adoption of the project day, and a huge help was for Esperance. Both of them held their shoulders by the ups and downs of the days of the event. If one draws a summary of the project, it can be estimated that the goal and success was a big successful component, but the effort was not to be responsible for the success of a volunteer project manager. Without volunteering and with manageable funds, the project would never have been feasible.

The project was promoted and supported by DaMigra Berlin e.v. Thank you very much to this women's migration facility.

Nevertheless, we believe that the project should be offered again at the appropriate time. Success also makes you hungry!

Axel Wladimiroff


2017-02-06 Board with new reinforcement
According to plan the AGM and election of the new Board of the Club took place on 02 December 2016. Speak African matter in Asian areas in Leipzig, which contributed to the good atmosphere as well intellectual understanding between the continents and countries, particularly Mozambique, Vietnam and Germany. After opening rules to the general meeting by the Chairperson as well as erfreutem reunion of all members now in 2016 formulated Axel Wladimiroff, the results of volunteer work in the year 2016, the Chairman of the Association. Positive than negative also referred to, were templates to the discussion and summed that up with joy, especially good work of the Treasurer also 2016 no chaos in the finance rose. On the contrary order prevails and the Club could work always debt. Moreover, up to the date of the general meeting all required accounts always so accepted by funding funding donors. With 4 new members, in 2016, the balance of Member revenue can be improved. With joy and wonder has been taken note of, that the Board of Directors has set first course to build a school on the outskirts of Kigali in Rwanda. Also first contacts in this region indicate there to become active in the field of agriculture in the form of grants. So, the cultivation of coffee on the spot is planned which should find its way to Leipzig then in later years. Ultimately creating jobs locally. In the ensuing discussion, these thoughts were fully supported. Beyond new thoughts expressed, to bring products from Rwanda and Mozambique in Leipzig and Saxony to the benefit of all participants and non-profit "to the man or woman". So interesting decisions found their way onto the paper. The subsequent election of the new Board was without "if and but". CEO Axel Wladimiroff and Treasurer Martina Kirsch declared themselves ready to make even the new legislature were re-elected unanimously by the members. Was open until the time of the choice who would be willing to run for the remit of the 2nd Chairman of the Association. But also here the Management Board in the past had been not idle and presented the 32 year old Esperance Mukeshimana-Albrecht from Leipzig with roots from Rwanda. She worked in the past often in the event section for the Club and to bring new another breath of fresh air in the Club now with their ideas. Whether it did so we will see at the end of the next year 2017. It was also the had brought the idea of the school building in Rwanda significantly with in the Club. And so, the vote in favor of her by the members was mere formality. Completed was the evening not only with new decisions for future work, but also lively exchange of thoughts with each other and a tasty food, prepared by the Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi in the venue. Members and guests were looking forward to the coming festive season as new tasks to the new legislature. The Executive Committee of the Association